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Eport Information

There has been a dramatic decline, industry wide, in net operating profit over the last ten years due to significant increases in cost of goods, labor, fuel and healthcare. Getting vend rate in line with product and operating cost is crucial to reverse this trend. Unfortunately when vend rate is taken up over $1.00 you will experience a significant drop in volume with cash and coin only (coin depletion conditions or consumers simply walking away from machines because they do not have enough cash on hand to make a purchase). Credit/Debit payment:

· enables price increases by capturing those lost cash and coin only sales

· allows you to capture those high price points associated with the fastest growth segments, energy/specialty drinks and healthy alternatives

· improves consumer satisfaction by delivering speed and convenience

· allows consumers to purchase multiple items with a single card swipe or tap

· helps you win new accounts and retain profitable accounts by offering a competitive “point of difference”.

With the potential to have your machines networked, ePort will also provide complete accountability, cash and cashless. Our password protected web site, USALive, tracks all machine sales on a “fill-to-fill” basis, thereby reducing shortages.

Chris Keithley, Regional Sales Director
USA Technologies, Inc.
Direct: 610-989-0340 x228
Mobile: 303-960-9853

Chris is responsible for distribution of the ePort credit/debit card payment solution here in the western region, based out of a home office in Denver, Colorado. Please feel free to contact him direct with specific questions related to USAT’s solution.

Card reader solutions

Two card reader solutions, G8 ePort and Edge ePort.
G8 (sells for $329.00)

The G8 ePort is a two piece design – the kit includes the card reader bezel, ePort processor/modem, antenna and cables/harnesses for hook up to your machines. The first attachment to this email details specifications of the G8. G8 has a traditional magnetic stripe reader that reads the mag stripe found on the back of all credit/debit cards. In addition it has a “contactless” reader that reads RF enabled devices (radio frequency or tap initiated payment).

Edge (sells for $199.00)

The Edge is a one piece design – the kit includes the antenna and cable/harnesses for hook up to your machines. The ePort processor/modem is built right into the card reader bezel. The second attachment to this email details specifications of the Edge. Edge will NOT accept “contactless” or RF enabled payment devices.

The extra $130 cost in getting the G8 ePort basically gives you the forward compatibility to accept “contactless” or “tap” initiated payments like PayPass, Blink, Wave and ExpressPay.

The most experienced!

* USAT has over 60K installations of ePort, including clients such as Canteen, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Pepsi Americas, Sony and Starbucks
* USAT processed over ¼ billion vending transactions just last year, far surpassing the closest challengers
* USAT has vast knowledge of where cashless works best and we offer guidance to our customers on where to place ePort

The most secure!

* ePort is PCI compliant, attaining the highest level of Payment Card Industry security standards – see attached certificate!
* ePort is certified by VISA, MasterCard and American Express

The easiest setup and most affordable!

* ePort is the only end-to-end turnkey solution

§ wireless telecommunications account setup is included

§ merchant account setup and EFT (electronic funds transfers) are included

§ reporting setup through USALive is included

· achieve complete cash accountability and reduce shortages by using our password protected web site, USALive, which tracks all vending machine sales, cash and cashless, on a “fill-to-fill” basis

* ePort is the lowest cost solution available

The most flexible!

* ePort readers accept traditional magnetic stripe cards (credit/debit)
* ePort readers accept RFID “tap” initiated payments (contactless credit/debit)

§ card associations, processors and issuing banks are making a big marketing push for contactless payments (ie: ExpressPay, PayPass, Wave and Blink)

Vending World does not sell the equipment listed above. It is available through USA Technologies, Inc. All information shown on this page is for informational purposes only. Should you decide to purchase this equipment you can contact us for technician charges to have these credit card readers installed. Some machines have extra knock out plates available for these card readers but many do not and would require a technician to come to our facility prior to shipping the equipment to have holes cut etc.

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